Make sure your student is on track for reading success

Learn about key educational rights and what helpful questions to ask your school. This comprehensive resource is meant to help build a strong partnership between families and schools, as we work together to help all kids learn to read. 

A supplemental infographic summary of R4B's "Actions for Reading Success" guide

Our first guide: Learn about BUSD's Literacy and Math assessments and how to get your student’s test scores

For decades, there have been deep inequities in Berkeley

85% of white students read at grade level by 3rd grade, but less than 30% of Black and 37% Learning Disabled students do. The data point to even worse outcomes for English Learners—only 15% can read at grade level in 3rd grade. 2019 CAASPP Data 

This isn't unique to Berkeley, but we are well positioned to finally do something about it. 

We are on a mission to ensure that Berkeley fulfills the vision of a federal class-action literacy settlement, so that all students get effective reading instruction.

In November 2021, Berkeley Unified agreed to evaluate, monitor and change the way kids were taught to read at every level (tiers 1, 2 and 3). The first court monitor report was October 2022, and will continue bi-annually until 2025.

Stay informed

Sign up for our mailing list to find out when and how to take action in the coming months. Court monitoring  and public transparency after the class-action settlement means that there is built in accountability to ensure the  process of improving literacy is implemented with fidelity. With your support, we can improve reading outcomes for all students. 

Learn more

Download our "Further Reading" fact sheet with links to relevant information about the outcomes of not being able to read, the benefits of a structured approach, and more.

Write a letter

Take and edit our letter template to let our Board of Education know that the time is now to make substantive changes in order to reach educational equity.

Attend meetings

Sign up to our mailing list to know when literacy is addressed at BUSD Board of Education meetings and get talking points to make public comment.

Reading is justice

Watch a presentation on literacy advocacy, which was shared with the Cragmont Elementary PTA January 20, 2022.

Districts present data and info on how kids read in their schools

Watch Reading for Berkeley member Lindsay Nofelt (starts at 05:48) and BUSD Sup. Enikia Ford Morthel (starts at 47:53) present on November 28, 2022.


We shared concerns about the first progress report on the settlment in late October 2022

Progress Reports

BUSD's first progress report October 2022

January 2023 progress report

Court Monitor Reports

George Ellis, the impartial court monitor's first report November 2022


More to come...